"Madness of Crowds: the hype cycle" by Johnny Dollar
“Madness of Crowds: the hype cycle”

The art has been called Post-Pop Surrealism,  cryptoanarchy and cypherpunk inspired art exploring themes of privacy, surveillance, copyright, hive-mind thinking, virtual-reality, and identity. Questioning humanity’s ever increasing interplay with technology whether that be digital, mechanical, pharmaceutical, or linguistic.

masking tape encryption

Johnny Dollar is obviously not my real name, but pseudonym, a handle. I  sign my paintings with my real name then cover my name with masking tape and sign it Johnny Dollar. The masking tape is a form of “encryption.” The “masking tape encryption” can always be removed to reveal my real identity, and is a metaphor for the false sense of privacy that we have in this brave new digital world.

Pepe Thug Life

Crypto-Art Wallet Crypto-art wallet collab Collaboration art wallet inspired by Juan Galt’s PEPE THUG LIFE….

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Electric Eye by Johnny Dollar

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