Super Villains

Medium Acrylic on canvas Dimensions 16 x 20 inches Exploring Perspective and Propaganda. Inspired by the old saying ” one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist”

Bank of Babel

Medium Acrylic on board Dimensions 24 x 36 inches Breaking the shackles of the copyright cartel, Mickey uses bitcoin to burn down the towering Bank of Babel, not only freeing himself but freeing us all. NFT Sold, offers may be place on secondary market

Show me your cookies

'Show me your cookies"

Medium Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions 32 x 50 inches Cookie Monster’s compulsively consuming data as a woman walks naked through a digital landscape, unaware she is quietly being followed by birds. All of the QR codes are scannable and lead to different places.Created from a painting, acrylic on canvas, all of the QR codes are…


Medium Acrylic on board Dimensions 18 x 24 inches The Mantis came to me and told me what I needed to know


    What are JOHHNYDOLLARs? They are digital rare tokens secured by the Bitcoin blockchain using the XCP protocol. What are the token’s functions: 1. Subscription.  token holders receive distributions of Johnny Dollar’s digital rare art. 2. Purchase physical art with JOHNNYDOLLARs  at a discount. 3. Access to special features and events What do I…