I am.that.iam

“Iam.that.iam” new artwork, A beautiful physical painting of 16 x 20 inches on canvas, but also much more. It is a multi-level piece that incorporates several layers of technology. Mixed media of Acrylic paint and collage of QR codes on canvas, has multiple interactive layers that add to the artwork, aesthetically and conceptually. These layers…

Chaos and Consensus

Medium Mixed media on canvas Dimensions 24 x 48 inches Yin Yang: Consensus and Chaos, as the merkel tree grows seeking truth and order, balanced by the chaotic nodes whose self-interest and selfishness bring strength and ensure the integrity of the communal truth

Portrait of Urban Mystic

Medium Acrylic on canvas Dimensions 30 x 36 inches While traveling through Mexico city, I met an artist from Mumbai, India. We went to their studio and smoked DMT. This painting was inspired by that experience.