Crypto Art Hardware Wallets

Juan Dollar Bill

a beautiful durable way to present, store, and give Bitcoin & Counterparty digital art assets off-chain.

Juan Dollar Bill

Introducing my new Crypto-Art wallets.

The first in a series

back in 2018, I made the JOHNNY DOLLAR bill, a paper version of my own cold storage art wallet,

2018 paper crypto-art wallet

which included the JOHNNYDOLLAR token, the original art subscription token.

That project didn’t work out as intended. I didn’t know what I was doing, like most things in CryptoArt, they were no guides or road maps. Simply making it up as I went along. I issued too many tokens, which led to difficulties when creating XCP sub-assets. I learned a lot from that project and gained new insights.

Now, 3 years later, there is still the problem of how to store and exchange, BTC and XCP art assets off-chain, in not only a durable but also beautiful way. So I made these.

This is the start of a series, each will come with the JUANDOLLAR.bill digital asset. Number 1 in the series will include a JOHNNYDOLLAR, the original 2018 asset

thick as two quarters

Made from Museum grade acrylic “plexiglass” sheet, the Juan Dollar Bill is durable and archival,

hand drawn with archival ink and old school quill

Embedded within the wallet is the cypherpunk cold storage tool, known as an Opendime. Which contains the public address of the bitcoin and XCP art assets. The private key, which allows you to remove the bitcoin and assets will be generated by pushing a pin through a hole in the back of the device, popping out a resistor, thereby permanently changing the circuitry and creating the private key…. Fancy stuff

Juan Dollar Bill plugged into the laptop to view it’s Public Address and Assets contained within