CryptoArt-NFTs Digital Art Assets

NFTs ( Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that you can collect, sell and trade. They are digital art images, movies, and music that are tied to a cryptocurrency blockchain.

Puppet Show

Puppet Show

Puppet Show” animation created from an original painting.

Marionettes, an elephant and a donkey, mascots of the Republican and Democratic parties, dancing and fighting, entertaining a crowd, enthralled with the drama, not noticing the decay and the destruction happening all around them.

Yellow Brick Road To Serfdom

Yellow Brick Road to Serfdom made from an original acrylic painting on canvas. All qr codes can be scanned.

The painting references the Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz and Hayek’s Road to Serfdom.

A meditation on the what is money and it’s effects on civilization.

Donald goes to the Darkweb

Enraged with jealously at seeing his girl with another, Donald went down to the Darkweb, and using the private crypto-currency Monero, he bought augmentation weaponry and bio-hacked himself to get revenge, and try to heal his broken heart.


I made this piece in a period of isolation during the covid lock-down. After recently buying a Virtual Reality headset, to make new artwork and engage with this emerging VR technology and the growing “Metaverse” being built around it.

But, I found myself disturbed and distraught by how much my senses were fooled by this new “virtual” reality, and even worse upon removing the headset, being disappointingly aware of my true physical reality.

Limited Edition of 5

Show Me Your Cookies

Show me your Cookies

Cookie Monster’s compulsively consuming data as a woman walks naked through a digital landscape, unaware she is quietly being followed by birds.

All of the QR codes are scannable and lead to different places.Created from a painting, acrylic on canvas, all of the QR codes are scannable and lead to different places online.

As well as being a cryptographic puzzle, this painting is also an Ethereum wallet.

Bank of Babel

Bank of Babel painting by artist Johnny Dollar
Bank of Babel

Breaking free from the shackles of the copyright cartel, Mickey uses bitcoin to free himself and free us all by burning down the towering Bank of Babel.

Sold, offers may be place on secondary market

This is a small sample of my Digital Art NFTs. More can be found on at the KnownOrigin gallery or on Rarible